Plastic Cloth Hangers and their way of use to make your closet look pleasant

Plastic cloth hangers are one of the most common types of hangers. People like them because they are relatively cheap and easy to find. Plastic Cloth hangers also come in many sizes, including smaller widths for infant and children’s clothing, and a large variety of colors.

Most plastic cloth hangers are tabular, but there are different types of hangers which use plastic. For example, many retail stores use thick plastic hangers with a wire hook at the top. Denser plastic hangers with wire hooks are often more durable than tubular options, but they are also less visually appealing.

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You can find plastic hangers in smooth or notched designs. Flat designs are ideal for shirts while notched options help keep thin straps in place while dresses and tank tops hang in the closet. The downside to plastic is that they can lose their shape over time, dragging your clothing down with them. We have different types of Plastic Hangers in our retail online shops in amazonnoon and carrefour. You can also visit our WHOLESALE SHOP to request quotations on the types of plastic hangers we have.


  • Cheap and easy to find
  • Various sizes and colors available
  • Notched or smooth designs suit multiple types of clothing


  • Tubular plastic hangers can lose their shape
  • Thicker plastic hangers are not aesthetically appealing

Best for: Shoppers on a budget, those looking for different color options, or hangers that work with varied clothing sizes.

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