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50 Pack Kids Velvet Hangers UAE – Premium Quality and Space Saving

59.99 AED
  • Set of 50 velvet non-slip hangers with 360-degree swivel chrome hooks and notched shoulders for effortless clothing storage.
  • Gentle velvet texture secures delicate items like camisoles and baby garments while supporting up to 7 pounds for heavy clothing.
  • Ultra-thin profile maximizes garment rack space, offering a 50% space-saving solution.
  • Contoured shoulder line and precise notches maintain clothing shape and strap placement.
  • Luxurious velvet-covered horizontal bar prevents garment slipping and creasing, ensuring your clothes stay wrinkle-free.
  • Easy 30-second rinse under cold water before the first use ensures cleanliness, and the swivel hook engagement is a breeze.

YANEK Non-Slip Velvet Hangers UAE | Ultra Thin | Heavy Duty | 360° Rotating Hook | For Suit, Dress, Shirts

30.00 AED100.00 AED
  • Made of high quality plastic covered in velvet.
  • Space Saving
  • Can hang undergarments and kids clothes too.
  • Available in 5 different colours.
  • Best for hanging heavy clothes.

Zober Baby and Kids velvet pant hangers with adjustable clips | Space saving neat and clean closet storage organizer

59.00 AED179.00 AED
Transform your baby's closet with our friendly hangers:
  • Stay Organized: Keep your baby's clothes in one neat place, so you can find what you need, when you need it.
  • Save Space: Our hangers are space-savers, giving you more room in your closet for all those adorable outfits.
  • Variety Galore: Choose from various sizes, shapes, and colors to perfectly match each piece of clothing.
  • User-Friendly: Easy to use, thanks to adjustable clips and non-slip surfaces – a breeze for hanging and storing.
  • Built to Last: Our hangers are tough and durable, so you won't have to replace them often.
  • Clothing Protection: Designed to protect baby's clothes with non-slip surfaces and padded clips to prevent snags and wrinkles.
  • Style Matters: Pick from a range of stylish designs and colors to match your baby's wardrobe and give their closet a chic touch.
  • Convenient Pairing: Hang multiple items together for quick and efficient matching.
  • Budget-Friendly: Our hangers are wallet-friendly, making them the smart choice for organizing your baby's clothes.

ZOBER Non Slip Rose Gold Hook Baby Velvet Hangers | Closet Toddler Hangers for Shirts, Pants & Dresses | Swivel Hook – Durable Infant Hangers w/Notches

59.99 AED
Elevate your baby's closet organization with the ZOBER Non-Slip Rose Gold Hook Velvet Hangers in a convenient 30-pack. These hangers are thoughtfully designed to cater to your baby's clothing needs while adding a touch of elegance to the closet.
  • Velvet Comfort: These hangers cradle your baby's clothes in soft velvet, preventing creases, stretching, and slipping.
  • Secure Hold: The velvet surface ensures your baby's outfits stay in place, keeping their wardrobe organized.
  • Stylish Hooks: Elegant rose gold hooks provide both sophistication and sturdy support, with a swivel design for easy use.
  • Space Saver: Designed for baby and toddler clothing, these hangers optimize closet space and keep things clutter-free.
  • Color Choices: Choose from five charming colors – beige, grey, blush pink, and white – to match your child's style and create a coordinated closet.
With these hangers, your baby's clothes will stay in tip-top shape, and your closet will be a model of organization. Happy dressing! 😊👶👗🌈

Non-Slip Satin Black Padded Clothes Hangers with Gold hook – Soft Silk Fabric 360° Swivel Hook Strong and Durable Hangers Hold Upto 10 Lbs, for Blouse, Lingerie more Clothes

8.00 AED65.00 AEDPCS
These high-quality satin hangers offer a combination of durability, protection, and style. With a sturdy construction of solid wood and high-density sponge, they ensure long-lasting use. The wood padding and sponge prevent clothes from slipping off, while the elegant satin design preserves garment shape. Suitable for a variety of clothing items, these hangers feature a 360° swivel hook and decorative bows, providing both functionality and an added touch of elegance.

Zober Velvet Hanger Clips UAE | Cloth Pegs, Finger Flocked Clips | Best with Thin Velvet Hangers | Strong and Durable

23.20 AED35.99 AED
👌 Crafted from heavy-duty PP material and luxuriously coated in velvet, these hanger clips provide a secure grip without compromising your clothes' integrity. 👖 Versatile and space-saving, these clips effortlessly hold skirts, pants, trousers, ties, scarves, and even baby and children's clothing, making your closet more organized. 🌟 Designed with precision, these clips boast super-smooth edges that won't harm your garments. Their teeth securely grip various fabrics without leaving unsightly marks. 🎨 These clips perfectly complement velvet hangers, available in matching colors. Mix and match with other hanger hues for an elegant and vibrant closet display. 🧼 Please ensure you clean these clips with a damp cloth before initial use. Avoid shifting them on the hanger to prevent any damage. If you need to reposition them, simply remove and reattach them to a new spot.